Disclaimer Gallery
April 5 - April 26, 2018
Curator: Jin Hee Kwak

“Objectumsexual and Lactic Acid” presents a beauty lab of scientific-fictional posters and homemade lactic acid beauty products.

Lactobacillus or lactic acid, an invisible, colorless, and odorless bacterium naturally produced during the fermentation process like in Kimchi, fortifies the gut microbiome in the gastric lining. A balanced gut helps to metabolize bodily injuries and build better immunity to post-traumatic stress disorder. Lactic acid also helps to exfoliate dead skin and rejuvenate new skin cells. Shin elaborates on this correlation between gut health and trauma by creating her own line of beauty products, lotions, facials, and masks with lactic acid for the public to use. She explores ideas of wellness, debility, and the body as an endless modification and explicates the ways that she consumes and inserts lactic acid into her stomach and vagina for bodily rehabilitation.

The posters interweave memories and information about Korean Geomancy, mountain spirits, time loop complex, Confucianist anime, North and South Korean reunification efforts, love triangles, kimchi, and high-context culture linguistics.

Shin investigates indigenous Korean knowledge systems, the standardization and exportation of yellowness, and entanglements of invisible matter. In this, she considers how her own yellow sexuality becomes transformed into objectumsexuality in her quest to find invisibility to make love to.

Press: Bedford & Bowery