Pawtucket Arts Collaborative
February 8

Ambidextrous, a show featuring six artists whose multidisciplinary works play with the sense of touch and texture: E. Winslow Funaki, Grace Perkins, Isabelle Sanchez, Kara Skolnik, Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin, and Shirla Auguste. Curated by Isabelle Sanchez. By focusing on the power of touch, both literal and implied, the show engages viewers in more intimate and complex ways. Viewers are invited to interact with select pieces.

Shin explores ideas of wellness, debility, and the body as endless modification, using lactic acid, an invisible and penetrative microorganism, that rehabilitates bodily areas colonized by particular pathologies. Taoist medicine defines localities in the body as showing conditions of weathering or being "worn out". For her piece, Shin encourages the audience to directly apply her homemade lactic acid gel, blurring bodily boundaries and explicating the ways that she consumes and inserts lactic acid into her stomach and vagina.

"Use the lactic acid gel (yellow and in clear plastic container) anywhere on the body as an exfoliator. Do not use around the eyes or on open cuts. It is a natural exfoliator and gets rid of dead skin and promotes new skin cells. It is healthy for your skin. Wash off the lactic acid gel after 1 to 2 minutes."

"I am positive that we have come so far because we have allowed others to pick up on our sadness from each other. It's not over and it's still not over for my previous ancestors in history books. Somebody once called it radical melancholy. Or immigrant blues. I call it tumbling down until I am washed up to a vanishing point."