To Spread a Table Fuller, Miranda Kuo Gallery, July 2017

Tuesday, July 25 - 7:00 - 9:00 PM To Spread a Table Fuller: Hawa Arsala Ctrl-Alt-Delete

(Organized by Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin)

This workshop will act as a conversational dialogue between South Asians on the topic of self-erasure. What cultural tropes exist that contribute to our personal self-erasure in order to survive as first generation South Asians in the US? How do we navigate systems of control, empowerment, heritage, family, chosen family, and double lives? Through transparent dialogue, we hope to explore these themes and create a space for attendees to share their stories as well.

Hawa Arsala is the co-founder of Browntourage, a media agency spanning curatorial projects, experiments in interactive media, brand collaborations and platform for media and design moments that are forward thinking and socially conscious. Browntourage is committed to diversity in aesthetics, supporting the work of diverse culture makers, and developing conscious processes of cultural consumption and production. Based in NYC, Hawa is a freelance creative director and content strategist working primarily in fashion, tech, and the arts. She has served on several panels about being a first generation creative, South Asian, and working at the intersection of media representation and fashion.

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