PS122 Gallery
October 25 – December 1, 2019
Curated by Amy Goldrich, Christopher K. Ho, Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Sara Reisman

“Indole”, 2019
Hand-blown glass, food scraps, compost tea

Vegetarian ingredients per person: 1.3 kg CO2e

“Xenobiotics Catabolism”, 2019
Hand-blown glass, lactic acid, soil, food-grade bucket

We collected stool, dietary recalls, and anthropometrics from 514 Hmong and Karen individuals living in Thailand and the United States, including first- and second-generation immigrants and19 Karen individuals sampled before and after immigration, as well as from 36 US-born European American individuals. Using 16S and deep shotgun metagenomic DNA sequencing, we found that migration from a non-Western country to the United States is associated with immediate loss of gut microbiome diversity and function in which US-associated strains and functions displace native strains and functions.

Indole, 2019

Xenobiotics Catabolism, 2019